The oh-so Fabulous Sun Flare!!

As photographers we spend money on lens hoods, or change our camera angles to try to avoid getting a sun flare in a photo. Sun flares, or glares have typically always been thought of as a photo “no-no”! Recently they have started to become more popular, and now you can actually purchase actions or presets for your editing software that will add a sun flare or sunburst into your photo. I have to say that personally, I LOVE the look of a sun flare in certain photos! Is it right for every photo? No. It must be used sparingly, but with the right approach, it can look artsy and fabulous! Who says we can’t break the rules sometimes!? 🙂  Here is an example of a photo where a sun flare adds an artsy, softer edge to the photo.





I have to say I love the final outcome of this photo.! It tells a story, and draws the focus to the subject, since it eliminates the background. Every photographer will have a difference of opinion on the sun flare issue: whether or not to use it, how much to use, when to use…etc. But hey! Why not try it out? You might fall in love!

Leave a comment on what you think of the before and after photos, and for all you amazing Rustic Reflections Photography clients, if you like the sun flare look, be sure to let me know so I add a couple into your next shoot! 🙂

Perfect moment in time

I love capturing moments worth remembering. I had the great privilege of shooting the Burke’s family photos and this was one picture that we all fell in love with! This little guy did not want to look at the camera at all, so I shot a lot of candids, but for one moment he decided to throw a huge smile our way, and it was magic! Enjoy!


Photo Challenge Submission